Rapid Interventions Crew: Awareness

3 Hours – Lecture 
Rapid Intervention Crew Awareness is a 3 hour lecture based program providing the foundation for firefighter rescue operations. The program is based on the NFPA 1407 Standard on Rapid Intervention Crew. Students will discuss reasons for firefighter fatalities, laws requiring RIC, and what it takes to assemble an effective firefighter rescue team. Emphasis and focus will be placed on proactive tasks and the RIC size-up.

Rapid Intervention Crew: Operations

8 or 12 Hours – Lecture & Practical
This program is a lecture/practical based program. Practical skills shall be developed in the areas of preparing for and handling firefighter emergencies on the fire ground. Topics of instruction will include search & assessment, horizontal drags, stair removals, window removals, floor removals, tight/confined window removals. This training can be delivered at your location utilizing the S&ST mobile training simulators.

Delivered in accordance with NFPA 1407 Standard on Rapid Intervention Crew

Rapid Intervention Crew: Technician

8 or 16 Hours – Lecture & Practical
Program is designed to educate students on how to effectively start firefighter rescue operations when encountering collapse or extremely challenging situations. Focus shall be on the initial RIC companies utilizing common tools carried by companies providing RIC services. Single vs. Multiple firefighter rescue situations will be encountered. Extremely labor intensive as well as team work required.

Rapid Intervention Crew: Collapse Operations

8, 12, or 16 Hours – Lecture & Practical
Structural collapse situations have been the cause of many fire ground injuries and/or deaths to firefighters. It’s the duty of the initial rapid intervention crew as well as the specialized rescue companies to effect rescue operations in these situations. This program will educate the rescuers on how to respond to structural collapse emergencies that may occur on any fire ground. Basic techniques on accessing, stabilizing, shoring, lifting, breaching, and removing trapped firefighters from collapsed environments will be covered. This is not just a technical rescue program but a program designed for any rescuer that may be confronted with having to respond to a fire ground related structural collapse.

Rapid Intervention Crew: Competencies/Refresher

4 or 8 Hours – Practical
Instructors deliver practical training sessions focusing on the use of previously learned firefighter rescue skills. Skills that will be covered shall include; RIC search, air supply establishment, firefighter packaging, window removals, peaked roof removals, below-grade removals and RIC deployment situations.