Industrial Fall Protection: Self Rescue

16 Hours – Lecture & Practical
Fall Protection: Self-Rescue Techniques program is intended to train the industry worker to perform a self-rescue of themselves and/or their partners while working at height. Students shall learn various methods of performing self-rescues as well as aided rescues from vertically suspended positions. Self-rescue techniques shall include the foot wrap and rappel methods with the aided rescue methods covering the use of work site equipment (ie. ladder, manlift, forklift) and technical equipment (ie. pulley system, reach pole). Brief classroom session will be followed by extensive hands-on practical skills stations and scenario based simulations.

*S&ST will provide descent devices, life safety rope, mechanical advantage system & belay equipment for the training.

Industrial Confined Space Rescue

32 Hours – Lecture & Practical

Industrial Confined Space Rescue: Refresher

16 Hours – Lecture & Practical