Active Shooter: First Responder Awareness

3 Hours – Lecture 

Active Shooter: First Responder Operations

8 Hours – Lecture & Practical

Active Shooter/Hostile Event Awareness: Private Citizen/Employee

3 Hours – Lecture 
This program is geared towards the private citizen/employee in the work place that may experience an active shooter situation. The student will learn how to recognize the profile of an active shooter as well as tips for recognizing signs of potential workplace violence. It will educate the student on how to respond to an active shooter or other workplace violence situation. Areas of facility/work place training for an active shooter situation and how to develop an emergency action plan.

Active Shooter/Hostile Event Awareness: School Staff

3 Hours – Lecture 
This program is geared towards active shooter & hostile events that take place in school facilities. Teachers and staff will review procedures to implement when encountering a school based incident. Lock-down procedures along with emergency action plans and procedures will be reviewed for the school facility staff to protect the students and staff.