Emergency Boat Operations & Rescue

This program will focus on proper boat selection, appropriate water rescue equipment, boat-handling, moving-water tactics, boat-rescue techniques, self-survival techniques, in-water tactics, etc. Delivered in accordance with NFPA 1670/1006 Standards on Technical Rescue. Delivered in conjunction with NSR Solutions.

Rope Rescue: Operations & Technician

This course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to perform basic rope rescue operations utilizing equipment, operating guidelines and patient management techniques. Program delivered in accordance with Chapter 6 of the NFPA 1006, Standard For Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications. Areas of instruction will include mechanical advantage systems, anchor options, patient…

Moving Water Rescue: Awareness

Program shall provide the responder (any person who arrives first on scene of a water emergency) with essential water safety information and incident procedures. The program will cover; responder safety, activation of response system, scene safety, hazard recognition, and information gathering.